Friday, May 8, 2009

10 pictures a day for 10 days, day ten...finally!

i see you...

i did it--10 pictures a day for 10 days, and it only took a little over two weeks to do it! oh well. i did post more than 10 pictures every time at least, so maybe i averaged 10 pictures a day for the days i posted...please don't tell me if i didn't.

these are the remaining images from fossil rim. i absolutely love the place. the giraffes are above and beyond the most incredible animals on view--we were so completely fortunate to be able to hand feed them, which was done very, very carefully by two gentle children. it was a remarkable experience.

gorgeous giraffe neck

sophie and gus feeding this long-necked beauty

this is what it looked like out my window...

...when the giraffe stuck its head through the sunroof to be fed

and, of course, they have to check and see what else might be edible (all those texas bug splats must have been tasty)

so lovely, so graceful; i hope someone is watching that tumor

it didn't take long for the zebras to come back and muscle out the giraffes (they are a bit aggressive)


...stripy, stripy zeeeeebras...

this is gus' favorite picture

i think these are grant's zebras--their facial stripes are blacker than the other herd's (pictures at the bottom)

gus being a very good sport about sophie sitting on him

twins! these aoudad are beautiful...

...and hungry.

awesome addax mother and calves--and those horns are pretty scary in person

gus and sophie are trying to figure out if they can throw the vegetarian-animal pellets far enough for the cheetahs in the background to eat...many problems with this plan...

uh oh. he found us. or rather he found sophie.

more zebras! these have browner stripes than the herd that grazes near the giraffes; i think they are grevy's zebras

more zebras

pretty, pretty zebras

one of a handful of white rhinos at fossil rim--he was sleepy, as it was hot

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