Wednesday, May 27, 2009

party in the triangle

woohoo! it's the end of an era in the AFBT--the manzano day school years are OVER and we couldn't be happier. good riddance to bad blood and all that. gus was able to celebrate in style by hosting the end-of-the-year party at our house (third year in a row) and, as in years past, it was a mucho successful fiesta. people were here for seven hours this year and i think they all had fun. rich even made an appearance! but the most important thing was that gus had a fantastic, joyful day, and that is the most i could have hoped for for him--i believe manzano owed him some joy after this year (and some learning, but hopefully iowa will fix that).

bring on summer!

sophie having second thoughts about tackling the giant, inflatable slide that dominated half the backyard (the kids LOVED it)

who's behind that big ol' splash?

it's sophie! (and cole and hart--they were very kind to her)


gus' sweetheart of a teacher, debbie, and parents watching the mayhem from a safe distance

kiddos loungin' on the patio with some popsicles

gus being silly on the slide

sophie being silly on the slide

all the kids loved the treehouse--there was a perpetual line to get up there...

...and that line included some parents as well! meet pamela, queen of the jungle.

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  1. ya'll are super parents! I want to come to the Iowa version next year!!!! L