Friday, May 29, 2009

belated mother's day pictures

teddy/panda bear tea party in sophie's room

rich's stepfather passed away rather unexpectedly yesterday (he went in for major heart surgery on wednesday and didn't come out--it was peaceful and he didn't suffer, thankfully), and i know his mom is unhappy and i am sorry for her. hopefully she'll come visit soon (or i'll inflict my children on her).

i'm posting happier pictures today--these were from mother's day and a bit before.

sophie's new big girl bed!!! in a span of about two weeks, sophie became fully potty trained and traded in her crib for a big girl bed. she even picked out the color of the stain (it was originally a dark walnut, which would never suit for sophie)--fruit punch!

sophie checkin' out her bitchin' bike in the backyard

bunny in a tube

hop hop hop

there she goes

this is the sight that greeted me first thing in the morning on mother's day...actually, it's a frequent sight in the triangle

i did get a very beautiful orchid, though

sophie and rich trying desperately to be patient at gus' mother's day cello recital

look at that cello-playing stud! yes, he is big. he is huge in comparison to the other kids. be kind about it--he's developing a complex.

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