Monday, June 1, 2009

coach alford's basketball camp...GO LOBOS!

gus, pulling a funny face, with The Man looking on

steve alford's basketball camp at UNM started today--gus did the camp last year and absolutely loved it. he had coach ro (roman martinez) as his main coach last year...but no such luck this year--i'm not sure what his new coach's name is, but i'm sure he'll be good. gus actually jumped in and started shooting as soon as we got there, which was refreshing--sometimes it is hard to motivate him to move if he doesn't absolutely have to (hence the rough year in little league...he could hit beautifully but then he had to run to first when a leisurely jog would have suited him so much better).

here's to a wonderful week of lobo-fied ball!

bounce bounce bounce

get that ball, gus! and who is that kid running into my shot?

gus being coached by The Man himself

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