Saturday, June 20, 2009

taos for rich's 44th

lily pads and koi at el monte sagrado

ahhh, taos. so peaceful, so lovely, so blissful. fortunately rich wants to go there for his birthday every year and we all benefit. this year we totally hit the jackpot--not only did we get to drink good beer at eske's and listen to ktao (solar radio) but we stayed at the el monte sagrado and luxuriated amidst the koi ponds and cottonwoods like we were freakin' royalty. sweet. while rich biked the enchanted circle gus, sophie and i continued to experience the wonder that is el monte sagrado and take whatever abuse the staff there could throw at us (why is it that at these over-the-top hotel/resorts the staff tries their best to treat you like something stuck to the bottom of their shoe? it was the same thing at the mandarin oriental in DC--do they take a class on this?). but there was to be no rain on our parade because we were on vacation, damnit!

anyway, please feel free to put on some mood music and bask in the glory of el monte sagrado...

waterfall emulating its big brother, the rio grande rapids

this is the view from our balcony (gus and sophie are on the bridge)

view from the balcony, facing the other direction

gus and sophie acclimated nicely to such luxurious surroundings (they are the little dots on the grass)

even dung beetles are cute at el monte sagrado! (sorry about the focus)

abridged sophie bunny

abridged gus and sophie bunny


gus and sophie collecting cottonwood stars

(this is what they look like close-up)

this is terribly cool and i think i am going to steal this idea--it is a tree of solar panels that provides electricity to a casita

you gotta love taoseños (rumsfeld lives in taos, by the way)

the birthday boy, after biking the enchanted circle

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