Saturday, June 13, 2009

-aholism, a-holism or a-holeism? (also desktop goodies)

i was going to write a post about -aholisms (as in alcoholism, rageaholism, shopaholism, etc.) and describe rich's prediliction for workaholism, but once i typed "-aholism" i realized it was essentially "a-holism," also known as "a-holeism," and it just wasn't writable anymore. basically the gist of it was that rich is a workaholic, it's pissing me off, and his "a-holeism" is showing. it is also leading me to flirt with the idea of letting him to go to iowa by himself while i stay here with the kids (that and the more i show the house the less i want to give it to anyone else). imagine how happy he'd be to work however long he wanted to and not have to worry about laborus interruptus from us? he'd be in heaven. a-hole.

instead of that, i'm posting extremely random and unrelated images that are populating my desktop at the moment:

sophie and her gargantuan piece of chocolate cake (and chocolate milk) for her third birthday dinner! all four of us could have split this one piece, but gus and sophie were having none of that and insisted on their own.

mr. gus at the flagstaff train station, being deceptively innocent-looking...

...and then biting his sister in the back at the first opportunity (not really)

my favorite breakfast partner

mmmmmm, the range...i wonder if they're open yet?

rich captaining a difficult crew

sweet sophie having a milk at satellite

i'm wondering if that big ol' magnet thing is located somewhere around oklahoma city for us? just far enough away for us to move around, but too strong to ever escape...i could see that

cross stitch wondrousness! i think i stole this from the feeling stitchy site

this i definitely grabbed from feeling stitchy--and it is the most wonderful adaptation of munch's "the scream" i have ever seen

napoleon, my little pony, and rainbows...spectacular (also from feeling stitchy)

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  1. My personal favorite has always been "assholeness" as in "Your assholeness is showing", but this works too!!!

    Being self-entertaining is required when married to a workaholic!!!
    Hang in there,