Thursday, June 4, 2009

*heavy sigh* camp is over...let the summer reading begin!

poor gus. he's going from the excitement of UNM basketball camp with a group of big kids (the lobos) and kids his age to the living hell of his mommy-imposed summer reading experiment. after we received gus' test scores from the much-despised manzano day school, we realized that yes, in fact, he learned nothing this year and has even slipped a little bit in some areas since last year. so, instead of romping in the open spaces with his friends and puppy dog gus has to spend one. hour. a. day. reading. a. book. AND. writing. a. review.

the horror.

the iowa city schools actually provide a decent summer reading list for kids in all grades and i'm just using that as my list of books for gus. that way i can also tell him that he has to do it because they say so and every kid in iowa city is doing this...i wonder how long that will work? actually, i think i would rather like it if someone forced me to sit down every day during the day and stop, relax, read a book, think about it, write a review...rather than my usual insomnia-fueled nightly reading that becomes morning reading and makes for a verrry looooong daaaaayyyy following such.

he did get one read and reviewed today, though--yay gus!

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