Thursday, February 12, 2009

apparently the year of the bully isn't over yet

rich and i decided to refinance our house about a month ago. whenever we go to do anything like this we fully expect a barrage of questions regarding rich's actual identity--we have a very hard time proving who he is because of his rampant identity theft issues--and sometimes we can't even do that successfully. this time, amazingly, we were able to prove not only who he is but that our assets are actually ours. whoohoo!

however yesterday i got a fairly curious and pissed-off sounding email from the refi guys asking when we were going to pay off our judgment so we could proceed. i found out that there is a judgment against rich at this property, made by a company neither of us have ever heard of much less done business with. and we were never notified of this. i called the business who placed the judgment against rich, kendra tellez court reporting here in albuquerque, and they won't even speak to me. they won't give me their attorney's name, they won't tell me how much it is for, they won't tell me what rich allegedly did to cause this judgment.

what the fuck? how is this shit even legal? i swear i feel like this is some form of extortionary plot against us. i'm really trying to quell the paranoia, but my god what a year+ we are having!!!


  1. i have this same sense. we finally sorted out a refi that would allow us to massively lower our house price in phoenix so that we have a fighting chance of selling it (like a snowman in hell rather than an icecube) and i come home from the bank to a notice that our EMPTY house used 60,000 over gallons of water in the month of january. and had been turned off (well thank goodness for that part). i swear, one step forward, 2 steps back, apparently a front pond had gone haywire....i'm now waiting for Baha'i New Year which is the first day of Spring. maybe that'll do the trick. oh and obviously you don't need to post any of these :) i just thought it was a decent way to reply to your blogs. i've missed reading them....

  2. like i would not post your comments!

    i'm soooo sorry you are still in ownership of a gigantic house 2,000 miles away. i truly am. it is wrong, it is awful, it is a burden. here's hoping someone buys it soon...

    60,000 gallons of water?!

  3. What can I say? everyone wants to be me ...

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