Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!

for my peeps in iowa, yo.

i love valentine's day--i truly do. red and pink everywhere, hearts, refined sugar, chocolate--all that crap. i totally dig it. and another thing i really love is finding deliciously creepy vintage valentine's day images on ebay and around the web. so here is this year's collection--enjoy!

AAAH--MAMA! creepy clown! creepy clown!!!

nothing like the threat of abandonment to make your valentine's day complete--and was someone absent for subject/verb agreement day?

yeah, you dumbass, learn get the hell away from anyone who would give you this card

maybe it's just me, but the thermometer bulb is a wee bit suggestive. did i say wee?

there's just something about an angelic toddler with a really gigantic knife, not to mention the threat of vivisection if you don't agree to his demands

does anyone, male or female, really want to be considered the equivalent of an old shoe? i understand the reference to comfort, but maybe one could be called a warm cashmere sweater or a really nice pair of pants that don't make your butt look big? just sayin'.

i have no idea what the point of this one is--how can you open his trap (mouth) and say a mouthful by doing so? perhaps i am too literal. confusion is one of the hallmarks of valentine's day for many.

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