Wednesday, February 25, 2009

playing with my camera phone

meet my best girlfriend, sophie bunny

i rarely notice that i have a camera on my phone. even when i am desperately wishing i had a camera it just doesn't occur to me that i do...i could be pictorially documenting my life even more! and what is even weirder is that the only times i do think about taking pictures with the camera on my phone is when i am eating at a restaurant or cutting off all of my hair. here are a few recent jewels...

sophie eating a decorated cookie for breakfast at flying star

mr. gus at the counter of duran central pharmacy

the waitress at duran's kindly took a picture of us

rich took this of us at il vicino (there are some exposure issues with this camera...)

gus and mom (still with the exposure)

sleepy sophie with boots on her hands and feet

gus at the bmx track! what a bad ass.

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