Thursday, February 19, 2009

is the triangle such a bad thing?

the bermuda triangle, of course. or, more specifically, the allen family bermuda triangle. there are many, many other unsavory triangles to be inflicted upon us: we could be in a love triangle (always tragic), branded in 1940s germany with a pink triangle (didn't you ever wonder where the LGBT symbol came from? now you know.), or even the god-awful triangle shirtwaist fire. and the places within the triangle are lovely: houston has its charms (i grew up there, so it is easier for me to appreciate it), albuquerque is strikingly and sublimely beautiful, and even iowa city isn't too bad once you get to know it. and of all the "state" + city combos, iowa city would have to rank close to the top:

new york city: busy, fun, entertaining but also expensive, loud, and cramped
jersey city: no thank you.
texas city: HELL no--the air, ground and water is wicked toxic in this area; there is a reason it lies in the "cancer belt."
kansas city: this one might be alright, but i've never done more than drive through it. that might be an indicator that it would not suit.
oklahoma city: being from texas, i have to reject this out of principle alone.
colorado city: isn't even in colorado, it's in arizona, and it is chock full o' polygamists. seriously.
missouri city: isn't in missouri, it's in texas. and with the rampant growth in fort bend county i have no idea what it is like now (when i was growing up i think it had a jojo's, a tg&y, some newly-sprouted subdivisions, and that's about it).
michigan city: isn't in michigan...i should make this a criteria of comparison.
florida city: apparently there is a florida city, but i didn't realize that until i googled it, so no.

so really, the only "state" + city possibilities are new york city, which has major drawbacks, iowa city and possibly kansas city. and we already know iowa city pretty well--safe, wonderful schools, exceptional hospital, a tad bit flat culturally, more than a tad bit cold five months a year, lacking the intensity of sunlight of new mexico (which can thus stave off any form of depression or seasonal affective disorder), and so forth. it isn't a bad component of the triangle.

the cedar rapids airport is only half an hour away, too.

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