Sunday, February 1, 2009


a couple of days ago i had a unique experience: i found myself more angry (about what?) than i had ever felt in my entire life. literally. i genuinely felt like i could uproot a tree or overturn a car. i was furious. rich thought i was going to stroke out i was so affected; thankfully, for all of us, i didn't.

so i decided to get creative with this unusual (for me) emotional sensation and create a superpower for myself. i loved bella's (more "twilight," i know, but this is the last of it i promise) ability to shield and thought that might suit me as well, but i want to physically protect as well. rich suggested using my overdeveloped gastrocnemii, grab everyone and jump to safety. granted, he's jealous of them, but i guess that works. i'd still like to be able to knock over a building--maybe big calves can do that as well? his superpower would be to blind everyone with the light reflecting off of his ever-baring pate. sophie's superpower is more subtle: she wins people over with her cuteness then deafens them with an incapacitating shriek. she also bites with those vampire teeth (that really isn't a "twilight" reference, i swear). i let gus pick his superpower and he selected an ability i never would have thought of--he wants to be a puppetmaster. he would embody whoever he chose and make them do whatever he wanted. he mostly wants to make people pick their noses. his body would be more immaterial and ghost-like when he is embodying someone else's and therefore harder to kill. nice. paco's superpower is his innate ability to make everyone feel better when he is around. he's a good dog.

next week is going to be a very challenging week in the triangle. please wish us well and pray our superpowers are on point.

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