Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 pictures a day for 10 days, day three

*sigh* i just love laura george's work. it is so peaceful and calming...and for some reason i totally believe this little tree monster when he says everything is going to be okay. very nice.

more pictures! these are from easter egg hunt #1 at the antique rose emporium in brenham, texas. if you haven't experienced this place yet i insist you click here and check them out--they are all things roses, but specialize in antique breeds that were becoming extinct or forgotten. i so wish i had a garden with long-term written all over it that i could populate with these beauties...but the tree monster said everything would work out and new house has no garden, so i must not be meant to have one at the moment. damn monster. enjoy!

sophie, in serious mode, mentally prepares herself to hunt for eggs

she loosened up a tiny bit once we got on the grounds of the antique rose emporium

does anybody know what the pink flowering plant is next to sophie? i am dying to know, as i must have it! it looks like a flowering almond, but not quite. any thoughts? a free, increasingly-rare argus gallery t-shirt to anyone who can identify this lovely plant.

gus and sophie placing rubber duckies in a fountain

bottle brush tree? very cool, whatever it is

gus running the bricked mandala at the antique rose emporium; sophie wisely sits this one out

gus and sophie playing chase through the rose archway--i would love a rose archway somewhere! how long would this take to grow?

sophie, getting windblown and tired...

...finds a solution...

...and lets mommy pull her around for the rest of the egg hunt

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