Thursday, August 27, 2009

back when we used to live where the sun doth shine...

all of us atop sandia peak

still no sun here; too much rain instead. i can't get the humidity out of the house, therefore am having a "whole house" (also known as a "big ass") dehumidifier installed tomorrow. am beginning to suspect the sun no longer shines on iowa and this is all a cruel plot to give me permanent depression-induced insomnia. and a touch of paranoia. and a dollop of self-centeredness, thinking the weather is happening just for me... on the bright side the swampland out front is thriving--must post pictures.

but today i would rather look at images from when we used to live in the desert and could see the mountaintop from our valley home's front window. we hiked sandia peak (aforementioned mountaintop) right before we moved. lovely. i miss it very much.

getting ready to hike at two miles up

rich loves hiking on top of the mountain

rocky mountain penstemons litter the path

as do beautiful aspens

sophie runs to keep up with her big brother, which is impressive considering the altitude

the stone house! of course, not content to just hike to it rich and gus must also climb on top of it...

...and then drag sophie up there as well (it is quite a sheer cliff under them)

like the clovis man, meet paco the sandia dog

sophie and rich fueling up for the hike back down

butterflies fueling up for their flights wherever--this is one of very few plants they were interested in, and who would have thought there'd be so many butterflies on the peak?

more flowers

pretty, pretty flowers

it was a beautiful hike--i love sophie's found object: walking stick

sophie's face is just screaming "SUCKA!" daddy is so wrapped.

pleasantly hiked-out kids and puppy

the wheels are turning and rich is thinking he hasn't hiked he continues his hike, alone, down the mountain (we drove)

rich is somewhere out there hiking down from the peak...

...but gus and sophie missed this view.


  1. I miss you!!!!! CALL ME! Do you have a home number yet?? I feel like chopped liver.

    xoxoxoxoxoxo, L

  2. you are the second person in the last week who has told me they feel like chopped liver because of me! seriously!!! if i didn't know y'all weren't friends i'd totally suspect yet another conspiracy. however, her accusation came in the form of a text message...i do have a home number--it is the same one it has always been here. i also still have the same cell i had in ABQ. love, m.

  3. That Iowa number was three cell phones ago! Definitely not a conspiracy because I don't know who the other "chopped liver" is. CALL ME damnit! By the way.. I love love love the pass out pic of the kids - too cute. And to comment on the newer post above.. I think you are forgetting about the deranged skunks you had in ABQ! I can't wait to talk to you. xoxoxo, L