Tuesday, August 18, 2009

diving in head first

in the two weeks i have been here, i have:

1. unpacked at least 100 boxes, which would be more impressive if i didn't still have about 200 to go;
2. gotten the kitchen, sophie's room, gus' room and our room moved in and functional;
3. arranged to have the city correct a 16-year old problem with our drainage that would have cost us thousands of dollars to fix;
4. identified about a dozen invasive species in our yard (is it a yard?) and tried to remove as many as possible--the highlight being smilax tamnoides, which will have its own post soon;
5. enrolled in a master gardener's class (which i still haven't been approved to attend, but it is something i have long wanted to do);
6. found and enrolled sophie in an excellent little preschool;
7. became room mother for sophie's class in said excellent little preschool;
8. got gus enrolled in his excellent little elementary (no thanks to his old school--manzano day school, which inexplicably refused to forward his new school his records);
9. became room mother for gus' class in said excellent little elementary.

i think i can officially be said to be trying. either that or it is time to cut the dose.

1 comment:

  1. wow. if that's "trying" then its like scaling everest is going out for a hike. very nice. i now feel like a slug for spending each day at the beach ... which preschool for sophie? i was so happy to have anela's preschool teacher from iowa find me on facebook...very sweet. good luck gardening...

    (on second thought was that "trying" trying to die of exhaustion?)