Friday, October 23, 2009

ode to lindsay

this is lindsay, my most beloved little sister, who will always be cooler than me

i completely pilfered these images from my brother-in-law's facebook page, and i must apologize to those who shot them: i'm sorry! i'm using these without your permission, i know, but there was such an obvious subtext in your 80 or so pictures that i couldn't resist duplicating them here. the theme is, of course, the undeniable wondrousness of my lovely sister, lindsay.

lindsay the magnificent and her party bus of friends: during the week they are engineers, architects, nurses, maybe a lawyer or two...professionals of many varieties

and a well-behaved party bus it was at that--amy is using two hands (i think) to drink her beer! and jake looks mighty respectable next to the guy with crazy eyebrows

lindsay and jake...just too cute for words...mainly because they match...i wonder if that was a planned decision? will they be the matching tracksuit couple powerwalking the malls in thirty years? you know what the disgusting truth is: even if they are that couple, they'll still look better than everyone else doing it. and probably me and rich on a good day.

this is the reason they were on the party bus in the first place: an allman brothers/widespread panic concert

completely respectable partying at the concert--absolutely nothing to note here...

...but, once the concert was over, and they got back to the bus, lindsay's party mode fully kicked into overdrive...

i'd like to imagine that guy on the orange cell phone calling some mutual friend of theirs and saying, "oh my god lindsay is rocking the shit on the party bus back home...i wonder if this thing shoots video?" i'm totally going to scout youtube after i finish this post.

continuing to rock the shit

i love amy's face at this gesture! is this party bus surfing? wait, should i be imitating this? oh crap, i have no idea--i am so out of the loop. maybe gus knows.

jake decides it is time for an intervention; party mode lindsay considers the sleep function

jake is contemplating the antics of party mode lindsay and how much he loves her...but hates that he spilled beer on his longhorn shirt. damn bus.

i loooooove you....!


  1. love, love, love it! love, amy (yes, i needed two hands for that beer! it was heavy after a day of watching the UT/OU game!)

  2. Jake was probably head banging. Matching shirts look pretty funny... not planned - it was TX/OU. Tracksuits.. now we're talking!

    I was actually tamer in comparison! Which is scary.. caught in the act making choice faces. I was sitting on a cooler in the middle of everyone (no more seats - as I was searching for a lost teammate who was a no-show to the bus after the concert) - yes, there was some dancing. The bus was so dark, we were all only able to see when the paparazzi was flashing it's lights. The music was on volume 11, it looks like thanks to DJ Jake. The Hang Loose is to our newly weds who just got back from Hawaii. Pictures don't do the party bus justice! You should see my videos! Not suitable for YouTube.

    We had a blast.

    About 1 hour after the last pictures, I crawled in bed with Amy. When I woke up about 830, I learned the last of the party animals had gone to sleep about an hour before. There were 4 of them sitting upright on the couches snoring in unison while Marley & Me blared on the TV.

    Since, we have apologized to our neighbors, cleaned up the broken glass, and are gearing up for Widespread Panic Halloween in Austin! Whoo!

    Being a rock star is tough work! I love you too! L