Sunday, October 25, 2009

a trip so nice she took it 72 hours

a bunny in the headlights

sophie bunny took a class trip to the petting zoo/pumpkin patch at the sass family farm in riverside...and she loved it! we heard about patch pumpkin patch pumpkin patch pumpkin every waking minute of every single day until we were worn down and agreed to take her back there--but it was a lot of fun for all of us (especially seeing how much she loved it). the haunted house was a little too scary for her, but she made it through. it was a little too scary for gus, too, but he insisted on going through it again to get over it. rich even won a pumpkin while we were there (though since we've been beswined i haven't gone back to get it yet); he guessed its weight correctly. it's feelin' mighty halloweeny!

sophie definitely not convinced this place is safe (it certainly smelled evil)

sophie looking mischevious in the hay bale maze

then she decided to hell with this and did the hay bale maze the way she thought it should be done

and then taught the rest of the class how to do it right

on to the petting zoo! sophie loved the chickens

and feeding the goats

and petting a quail

and petting a bunny named chocolate

and trying to be a dino

sophie and her friends on a hayride

it was pretty cute

sophie almost gets left behind...

...for snacktime!

hooray for sophie pumpkinhead...the field trip is over and sophie garnered a sweet souvenir

72 hours later: back to the farm with gus and daddy! sophie on the horsie swing

and see-saw with gus

and swing, again, with gus

too many things to do on the farm!

rich, who is too tall for his casket

sophie was really trying to play dead...

...but gus was the most convincing

sophie realizing she is back in the scary haunted house

both she and gus were pretty happy to have dad in there with them

taking the easy way through the hay bale maze

gus of the flowing locks

sophie revisiting the chickens

the bunny feeding the goat

and feeding other goats

sophie playing house

gus and his calabacita

rich, in his usual on-call outing pose

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