Wednesday, March 31, 2010

london pictures, part two

day three: the rosetta stone, elgin marbles, lunch in a crypt and a very long walk to london bridge. i think this was a 14-hour day start to finish.

look for part three tomorrow (i hope)!

gus at the british museum

minoan pottery--love the octopus/squid/sea creature shapes. one of rich's friends in houston, bill dennard, decorated a pot that rich had thrown with an octopus for me--i love it, too. i'll post a picture of it later. (sorry about the photo quality.)

gus lays his eyes on what is probably the most important object in the world, the rosetta stone

detail, the rosetta stone

it is not without its admirers--and i love that they show it in the round, as proper sculpture should be shown...

...and words cannot even begin to describe how much i loved seeing this--gus took notes throughout the british museum

detail, parthenon sculpture

parthenon sculpture

parthenon sculpture--she looks like she is about to take flight

black figure pottery (ajax and achilles playing a game...and sorry for the crummy photo)

cartouche and shabtis

next to the rosetta stone, this was gus' favorite work in the british museum--easter island man...

...and this is the rear view of easter island man. you never see the backsides reproduced, which is a shame.

getting to ride the tube!

here it comes...

...and there we go.

we emerged in front of st. martin in the fields to this charmingly british little square

lunch at the crypt of the church; we did brass rubbings afterwards (gus gave his to george)

the mighty thames and the london eye

beautiful boy crossing the river, about to go on a very. long. walk. indeed.

london bridge...opening!

gus on london bridge

this is the spot the plates of the bridge come together--i think it freaked gus out a bit to stand like this

gus by the tower of london, but, alas, no admission--we were too late for the last tour

but we found augustus prima porta at a nearby tube station, so it was okay.

we walked to st. paul's from the tower of london; probably could have done without that leg of the journey

nice ceiling coffers and engaged piers, though

finally riding the tube back to earl's court station. gus is a total trooper.


  1. Your trip is so smart- I'm so impressed that Gus enjoyed the museums! Wonderful pictures!

  2. I have made that exact same long walk from big ben all the way down the thames to bridge and the tower...also to be denied last entry to the tower. But I started up by buckingham. makes for an awesome day but your feet def. hurt. I hope gus got to see the street skate park on the thames a little ways past the eye.

  3. Awesome!! and I love the red vans and fidora! So stylin'! xoxoxox L

  4. jake--i love it! he totally checked out the skate park and decided he had a ways to go skillz-wise. but, yes our calves were a-burnin' by the end. l--they are converse...and still stylin'. lindsay--thank you for your compliments! gus is indeed an interesting kid.