Thursday, April 22, 2010

art-o-mat in minneapolis


we took a road trip to minneapolis last weekend for an art-o-mat meet-n-greet--a chance for some of the midwestern artists creating works for art-o-mat to get together. as i've written before, i'm a huge fan of art-o-mat and i genuinely believe in its mission of providing quality art at an affordable price ($5 per!)...and i believe i am very lucky to be included in the artist mix. the exhibit/swap was held at the le meridien chambers hotel, which has a tremendous art collection of its own, and i think about 25-30 artists came to the event. the one thing that really impressed me was the quality of work being produced--you'd be hard pressed to categorize many of our works as similar, but they were all equally high-caliber...if i do say so myself. check 'em out online here or on facebook!

beginning the process of creating art-o-mat works: washing the blocks (they're pressed chipboard, i think, and they usually arrive kinda dusty)

drying the blocks; cutting the images

affixing the images

50 art-o-mats almost ready to go!

wrapped in cellophane (i used the wrong tape, damnit--it is supposed to be clear and i used the frosty kind) and boxed, usually shipped to NC but in this case it travelled to MN...

...for the swap!

the display of art-o-duck (thanks, took, for shooting this!)

me (photo courtesy of...?)

some fabulous artists participate in art-o-mat: this is scott blake's "barcode elvis"

works by david franke

and by kelli busch

art-o-missy! can i even tell you how thrilled i am that my portrait is blurry? like my work, i am but a blur. (thanks, clark!)

and afterwards, since the kids were good, we braved the mall o' america for this lovely photo-op...

...and a few awesome lego dinosaurs...

...and even some lego star wars coolness...

...finishing it all off with a platinum dinner at the rainforest cafe.

sleepy family enjoying a morning of tom & jerry at the chambers hotel. perfect.

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