Sunday, April 25, 2010

hot sam's

on the way home from minneapolis, we espied this fabulous mako-esque shark sitting on a trailer along I-35. we'd seen it on the way up; we couldn't resist the temptation to stop and see it up close. admittedly, i wanted to buy it to put in the ditch in front of my house (how cool would that have been?!) but he wasn't for sale. what we found was hot sam's--a treasure trove of material memories, started in the 20's and still being added to today. it is most definitely a must-see if you are up that way!

welcome to hot sam's, a little bit of heaven

sophie bunny and lion

sophie bunny and giant guitar

sophie bunny and bunny

this is the alluring shark--it's probably a good thing they wouldn't sell it to me as i don't need to piss off my neighbors any more than i already have...

...i did, however, have to demand that sophie put her head in its mouth

rideable horsie!

and another rideable horsie!

rideable calf!

rideable creepy donald duck head!

she determined this to be a rideable rooster, alas no one would help her get on it (hence the pout)

she got over her snit when the owner made rich get into a rusted jail box...a dirty, dirty, rusted jail box...we were all thoroughly entertained watching him try and avoid touching it

circus trailer

wonderful graphics for man-eating beasts

sophie discovers a her-sized plane...

...and gus finds one that suits him as well

he worked on getting it started for a bit, then gave up in favor of...

...nosey rosey.

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