Thursday, May 19, 2011

lost: one baby lion

sophie can't find her baby lion, and she's VERY LOUDLY letting everyone know about it. baby lion is a tiny peruvian finger puppet that barely fits on sophie's little finger--it is truly miniscule--and she fell asleep holding it in her bed last night. before she went to sleep, she and i and baby lion read skippyjon jones together and snuggled for a while; all seemed to be well when i left her room.

but now, this morning, she's starting to panic over it. she's ripped all the sheets off the bed; she had rich sift through the detritus of toys in her room all to no avail--baby lion still cannot be found.

later in the morning, as i'm fixing gus' lunch, i feel something stuck in the built-in bra of my nightgown...what the hell?...of course, it's baby lion. sophie is ecstatic and making every justification she can think of for his being there ("it was warm! he liked it there! baby lion loves you!"), whereas rich had another take: "you're like one of those fat people who loses sandwiches in their fat folds!"

and thus exemplifies the summation of my life.

(pictures from florida are coming soon!)

1 comment:

  1. You should kick rich.
    Can't wait to see your Florida pictures!