Tuesday, May 31, 2011

pictures from floooooridaaaaah (part two)

my favorite picture from our trip, shot by our friend, jodi. check out the size of that horseshoe crab! (we brought it home.)

part two of the florida pictures: naples area to amelia island. enjoy!

look out sophie! this is front room of the skunk ape research headquarters, a place of which we had very different expectations. while we never heard one word spoken about the skunk ape, we loved it anyway--it is one of our very favorite places that we visited. if you are ever driving along the tamiami trail, make sure you pay them a visit!

meet rick, our guide through the "zoo." don't judge--we learned more from him (about the animals) than anywhere else we visited.

sophie and a very curious corn snake--she is one fearless four-year old!

gus, being a bit wiser at 11, is trying to keep the panic at bay

this was much more his speed

but, gus rallied and let rick put this 10+ foot albino burmese python around his neck...

...but sophie was a bit too short to get the full snake experience.

here's something you don't see every day: gus riding a tortoise. the tortoises can support about 250 pounds of extra weight and still walk around.

sophie rode a smaller one and it seemed oblivious to her, especially when tempted by cucumber sections

and i made a friend! i wanted to stuff this umbrella cockatoo in my purse and take him home he was so sweet.

gus and sophie and lion...a live one of which we did not see in the skunk ape zoo (but would not have been surprised to)

sophie holding a baby alligator at the miccosukee indian village, a place, i hate to say, we weren't too thrilled with. we went for the alligator wrestling but found it to be so much less respectful than that at everglades alligator farm that we left early. the grounds are beautiful, though.

is this child abuse? gus and sophie on a bouncy bridge at everglades wonder gardens...

...bouncing over giant live alligators!

they had some great photo ops there (doesn't this look real?)

and some really, really big gators

the bubble room on captiva island had some of the best red velvet cake in the world--next time we visit it will be to eat dessert only

and it made gus crazy!

gus and sophie enjoying the magnificent silence and beauty of the corkscrew swamp sanctuary, where we saw tons of birds...

...and big trees...

...and alligators (of course)

gus and sophie at the end of naples pier...

...where we spotted a small pod of wild dolphins!

sophie showing off her beautiful shells

off to amelia island, which was lovely in and of itself but was especially lovely because we got to stay at the ritz-carlton for rich's meeting! sophie took full advantage of the pool to practice becoming medusirena, jr...

...while gus realized his true calling at the ritz.

i'm kidding--he's no dictator...he's totally friendly gus!

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