Sunday, May 20, 2012


birthday girl!
this weekend we celebrated the bunny's 6th birthday party, which was held in the backyard and ravine.  we FINALLY got the play structure built (2 years late, but with 48 hours to spare before the big event...) and the kids definitely loved it.  even gus still plays on it--he and his friend, gabe, served as big-kid chaperones for the party and they both totally got into the fun.  the kids all played in the treehouse as well.

after the party my friends chloë and marge stayed and had a beer with me while sophie and her friend, lucia, opened all her presents.  it was an absolutely perfect 6th birthday party for both me and soph--i couldn't have planned a better afternoon (except for rich to have been with us).  looking forward to next year's party already!

crazed party children

more crazed party children

cheetah in the icing

we found that if you give gabe sugar, he starts doing some pretty cool party tricks

moustachioed madeline and sophie (super fly girls)

the two best big-kid chaperones in the history of ever: gabe and gus

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