Saturday, May 26, 2012

who is 2012's artist-in-residence at herbert hoover national historic site?

me!  and, honestly, i'm thrilled.  i love the national park service and i am truly honored to be one of a small number of artists invited to create work inspired by these important, protected, american-with-a-capital-A sites.  herbert hoover NHS is actually very close by so i'm not living on-site as most other artists-in-residence do, which works for all of us (i do still have to be a mom...).  i think i am an excellent fit for them--one of the remarkable attributes of the site is an 81-acre rehabilitated prairie (it had been plowed and farmed during hoover's time but now is back to native grasses and forbs), so i get to look at native plants, apply my master gardener training, and shoot what looks good.  righteous.

being selected to do nothing but take pictures of plants and talk about it is easily the best job i've ever had in my life.  these are a few images from my first week--i've got all summer to work out there, so more will follow later.  come visit me!

red clover (technically, this is an alien invasive, but it still looked pretty)

western property line for reclaimed prairie


hoover creek, running to the wapsipinicon

chive-a-delic! (from the hoover family garden)

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