Wednesday, October 2, 2013

cyklar i sverige

ever since we arrived in sweden i've been fascinated by all the old bikes around town. people here aren't necessarily riding the latest and greatest models--frequently they're on bikes that are easily as old as i am--but they are maintaining the old ones. and, because they're everywhere, i've had ample opportunity to start a collection of swedish bike images! here's what i've amassed so far:

hermes--this one is my favorite. it is parked near gus and astrid's school, and i look for it every single day (fortunately for me it never seems to move)

...and i even found its sibling on the esplanade in helsinki!





i honestly didn't know husqvarna made bikes--in the US all we get are their sewing machines and tractors

more to come (i hope)!


  1. Ooooh I may need to purchase one of those bike photos for Al's birthday. Love them. You are an amazing photographer and blogger. We miss you!