Tuesday, October 8, 2013

uppsala, part one of ?

rich playing corpse in the uppsala university anatomical theatre

we took a day trip to uppsala this past weekend (about 50 miles north of here) and really, really liked it--we're trying to plan gus' study abroad time there already. we also found that we are definitely going to need a return visit to see everything we wanted to see. since time was short we just concentrated on the area between the train station and the cathedral, concluding with the most awesome museum gustavianum. thus, this is part one of hopefully two...but i'm not sure when that next part will materialize. enjoy!

about to set out on our uppsala adventures, across the river fyris, with both kiddos looking particularly devious

interior, uppsala cathedral. it's so gothic!

interior nave decorations, uppsala cathedral

detail from the gustav vasa monument of wife #1.  or #2.  but not #3--she didn't make the sculpture

"memorare novissima et in aeternum non peccabis" = "remember the end and never sin," which is of course about as subtle as a sledgehammer...or a puti holding a skull

detail from the gustav vasa monument

beautiful old german altarpiece that is in *desperate* need of conservation

gus at the entrance to his almost-namesake museum

gus and a tiny sophie observing rich's pretend dissection, and gus looks a little too happy about it

(however, my corpse wouldn't stop giggling)

while the anatomical theatre was the highlight for rich, this was the highlight for me: the augsburg art cabinet. i had never in my life seen such an object, or even heard about it, which is just shameful on my part (and, perhaps, my professors were a bit culpable as well). it is the only intact art cabinet known--usually you get the art collection inside OR the cabinet, but here you get both. it is amazing.

unfortunately, almost none of my photos turned out well enough to do it justice! i'll shoot more on my return.


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