Tuesday, November 19, 2013

i think i was looking for "dolphins: the mild side"

little does she know that this national geographic dvd was ghost produced by "girls gone wild" creator, joe francis

who doesn't love dolphins--happy little critters frolicking about in the sea!  so excited to find this disc for sophie bunny at the myrorna!  so, so happy to educate my daughter about the wonders of life in the ocean!  so, so, so surprised to find out while watching it with my 7-year old that its content just barely made it legal for adults to view.  yes, you're looking at the stupid woman who apparently bought dolphin porn for her daughter.

the disc is 55 minutes long, yet at 23 minutes we were still watching footage of mating rituals of wild dolphins.  mmm, yeah--that was enough.  not to put too fine a point on it but sophie and i have seen enough dolphin wang (yes, they have them) for a lifetime, thank you.  somehow i couldn't read between the lines of the DVD title, but my mind-in-the-gutter 13-year old could:  before i even told him of its content gus took one look at the box and said, "what'd you do, buy dolphin porn?  huh huh huh...that's funny." then he pointed out that "cunning" was spelled with three n's in a row on the back. nice.

i think i was warned about this type of movie when i told people we were moving to sweden (somehow i thought they'd be more obvious).

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