Sunday, November 10, 2013

rome, 2013 (sites in the eternal city)

sunset in rome, seen from near the villa borghese

more rome pictures! these are pictures (mostly details) of some of our favorite sights around rome from the first half of our journey. enjoy--more to come soon!

interior, pantheon

detail, ara pacis

interior, san clemente

il colosseo in miniature

awesome fontana between santa sabina and parco savello

amazing view of rome from the top of parco savello

flashback time! TC/RC friends: does this look familiar? it is in fact numero due, clivo dei publicii

view of my old window (above the "O"), looking much the worse for the wear

this gave me unpleasant thoughts of nun buns, and made me all the more thankful for our delicious lunch beforehand at volpetti píu.

the amazing, original cosmati floor of santa maria in cosmedin (better known as the "la bocca della verita church")

interior, santa maria in cosmedin

gorgeous floors. seriously.

while i'm glad the church is still in use, i'd love to see a bit more care taken with the 1000 year old floors.

detail of ceiling fresco, villa farnesina

detail of ceiling fresco, villa farnesina

detail of faux stone fresco, villa farnesina

detail of faux stone fresco, villa farnesina

detail, roman parking. both the wrong way and in front of a staircase. awesome!

fontana below san pietro in montorio on the giancolo hill

the tempietto! this is the first truly renaissance building ever created in rome, and it is absolutely divine. it is tiny, and impossible to get in to, and just perfect. i love it every time i am fortunate enough to see it. i'm not sure the kids cared much for it, as the walk up to it is rather brutal.

detail, tempietto

detail, tempietto

what's behind the funky glass of the tempietto...?

...hard to say, as i've never been in it, but this is what my camera could see (do those floors look familiar?)

detail, tempietto. beautiful.


  1. These are beautiful photos. I love them.
    Love, Mom

  2. Nice photo reportage, congrats! You have a great eye for amazing details.

  3. rome walking tours--thank you so much! coming from you that is quite a compliment--i'll take it!