Monday, November 25, 2013

the astrid train

one of my all-time favorite things about stockholm is that they name their subway cars.  on weekdays, three of them are hooked together so you might be riding on svea-carl magnus-pippi to school and anders-erik-lars home...or fatameh-sven-gustav and sofia-katarina-mats.  whatever combination the SL puts together is the one you get.  on weekends they only use two cars so it is harder to find your favorite, if you have a favorite, and here in the triangle we all have a favorite...:

the astrid train!

like a unicorn in the wild we had heard of the astrid train, imagined what it would be like, and dreamt of actually seeing it.  gus claimed he rode on it once and even produced a loch ness monster type photo of it, but we had our doubts.  then today, finally, on the green line heading towards åkeshov i rode on the near-mythical astrid train...and got a picture!

it's going to be a wonderful day.

***update 11/27***
guess what astrid and i rode today...:

:)  there's also an "august" train, but we like this one better for gus.

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