Tuesday, April 15, 2014

glad påsk, a bit early (part one)

they don't tell you about the ginormous radioactive chickens until AFTER you land at årlanda...

and a very happy early easter to you, too!  we have a super-busy week coming up in the triangle, and i didn't want to miss out on posting these easter postcards.  as you've probably guessed, glad påsk means "happy easter" in swedish...and, as i've admitted publicly, i'm still in sweden in my head.  as i've also admitted publicly, i'm a giant fan of mid-century swedish graphic design, thus i bring you EVEN MORE delightful examples of such.  they are wonderful in their simplicity--with just a minimal amount of color and line, a great impact is made even with something as commonplace as a holiday postcard.  in sweden, you don't see many easter bunnies, rather you see the easter rooster.  sometimes there's a hen and usually some chicks, always some eggs, but the easter bunnies seem to be few and far between.  i wonder why?

part two to come soon...

(that's the sun smiling down on stockholm in the background...you're definitely hoping for that by easter!)

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