Wednesday, April 2, 2014

more swedish paper dolls...

...because, really, can you have too many?  in the 1970s, from which these beauties hail, the focus switched from political/historical figures to mostly pop culture ones.  a young king carl gustaf is here, as are a couple of miss swedens, and other singers, athletes and TV stars popular in sweden then. if, like myself, you were subjected first-hand to 1970s fashion, expect flashbacks.  you will have flashbacks.

overall i think it's fair to assume that if these outfits represent what the men actually wore at that time, there were some long, lonely nights in their lives. var så god!

only björn skifs, lead singer of "blue swede," could rock a man-bag so sweetly

king carl gustaf

miss sweden, I

yikes, people--have some sartorial respect!

miss sweden, II

i think she's supposed to be tan

nice onesie, bro

this director looks much more like a preschool teacher's assistant with these clothes

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