Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"i fought the lawn and the, the lawn won..." what those sewer guys are singing right about now! welcome to day 31 of assault on the backyard, and i think the lawn finally beat them down! after digging up cottonwood roots (which broke their little backhoe), then trying to attempt to hand dig the location of the missing kitchen sink pipe, then locating said pipe, THEN and ONLY THEN did they cry uncle. why? because the kitchen sink pipe, which they erroneously thought would be cast iron (which they also erroneously thought to be part of a greywater system) was, in fact, asbestos.

after much cursing and wringing of hands the guys thought better of calling the EPA (apparently, when they run into asbestos pipes they are supposed to shut the job down and have the entire thing removed by asbestos removal people) and just donned heavy-duty air filtration masks and cut that sucker up. then, of course, they connected it to the bored pipe, and now we can actually use our kitchen sink and dishwasher again.


but our lawn looks like shit.

really like shit.

at least i don't have to worry about gus falling into the septic pit anymore!

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