Monday, July 7, 2008

I ♥ photos from DC!

FINALLY, the long-awaited photos of our trip to DC:

happy sophie on the plane to washington DC

the classic family vacation shot

sophie's sweet ride

gus at the iowa station in the WWII memorial

gus wanted one of me in front of texas; sophie joined in

sophie resting under the gettysburg address in the lincoln monument

ready to make the long trek back to the other side of the mall

studly sophie

studly gus

sophie's like, "feh. zebras. they're striped."

stupid panda.

sophie looking at the stupid panda.

sophie disrespecting a bronze stupid panda...

...but then worrying that she hurt it; gus is safely away from the beast

gus' favorite exhibit: the komodo dragon!

hot and sweaty kiddos are all zooed out

gus, trying to get a glimpse at the hope diamond, then he was like, "feh. hope diamond. it's blue."

nice crystal structure diagram

the fam just before the ill-fated trip to mount vernon, and i so love how gus is wearing a clip-on calculator like his daddy's pager

"huh huh huh huh petrified wood huh huh huh huh"

lovely alexander calder at the national gallery (calder, who i do enjoy, is a little overrepresented in the city)

tony smith's "die"--and believe it or not, this was something of a highlight for me. (how sad.)

this is the lone donald judd on display in the entire city!

sophie is completely overwhelmed by modern art... much so that she attacks her brother...

...and threatens to deafen us all with ecstatic, high-pitched squealing...

...yet gus remains unmoved by Art.

gus is thinking, "if i jump from up here, i bet i won't ever have to come back and look at any of this stuff again."

he wasn't even cheered by snacktime!

beautiful, sputnik-inspired sculpture outside the air and space museum

sophie, bored to tears, and we haven't even made it inside yet

i love the rockin' 70's dos on the astronauts in skylab!

it is disconcerting to see your child walking amidst ICBM missiles, even if they are deactivated (at least i hope they are)

i am mighty

these explain a good deal of UFO sightings

i failed every criteria (age, height, weight, education--i had too much, marital status, etc.) for being a stewardess in the 1950s except for being female and caucasian


the lovely architecture of the hirshhorn collection

another highlight of obscure minimalism--larry bell's box

gus and sophie could not be less excited about the hirshhorn

but at least i got to go to the phillips collection ALONE, which is just about as near to perfect as any museum could be. and they are looking for a modern/contemporary art curator right now. damn.

gus and...

...sophie fell asleep on the plane ride home.

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