Saturday, July 26, 2008

the valleys

there will be hills and valleys...

is this a bible quote? is this something i remember from my wedding vows? possibly, and it is so very true. we would be in the valleys at the moment. rich and i had been working as team missy + rich as much as possible, but have now been completely taxed to the utmost by his job situation. we have learned many things; we will hopefully take them as life lessons in the near future. right now it sucks.

rich doesn't like conflict. period. that will be the biggest life lesson of them all; one that has jeopardized his family and put him in a position to get majorly sued. i am not of this persuasion--i am on intimate terms with casa de conflicto, after all. although rich, while afraid of things becoming "contentious" at work, has instead opted for such at home i guess believing that i am more forgiving than his employers. not a good move.

he still has nothing worked out for a job after august 14th and he may very well be home for a bit. he may be home for longer than a bit, in fact, and that would be perfectly fine with me--his conflict aversion makes a home life mighty easy (in theory, and no it doesn't really--sarcasm doesn't play well in print). basically he signed a contract with a corporation that has pretty much chewed him up and spit him out and is now trying to see what else they can digest before they are through with him. and i am working like a dog to get him out of it--i don't think they will allow it to be done non-contentiously.

there are times when i so miss my grandmother...i know she would have had the answer to all this! and she would have made me cookies.

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