Friday, December 19, 2008


okay, i think i am inducing paranoia with all the stalker/harasser talk. i'm sorry! it wasn't my intention to scare off the readers i have and enjoy, rather just to lose the parasite that won't go away. i wish i could be more direct and please know that it kills me to be anything but--i just can't publicly name him at this time. however, maybe this flow chart will help:

are you my stalker/harasser?

1. are you male? if yes, go to question 2. if no, then you are not my stalker/harasser (at least not one that i'm worried about).

2. do you live in bernalillo county? if yes, go to question 3. if you said no or "where the hell is bernalillo county?" then you are not my stalker/harasser.

3. have you ever installed or asked someone to install cloaking software to conceal your IP address, city, or other information? if not, you are fine. if yes, then you are probably my stalker/harasser.

in general, when visiting any website, assume your information is tracked--at least this is what i do. when you start visiting a site using cloaking software, red flags go up and usually rightfully so. if this were a porn site i'd understand, but it isn't--it is a site about my life and my kids that is intended for family and friends only. and considering the burglary and everything else that has happened this year i hope you can see why i am a bit concerned. there are reasonable expectations of behavior on any site, whether explicit or implied. please consider your actions as an extension of you out there, and know that not all cloaking software works perfectly...


  1. sometimes I see you when you sleep.

  2. okay, rich? if you really want to scare me, then don't approve the comment while i am at walgreen's. leave it in my inbox and let it startle me there. and i see you too, muthafucka--you snore like a freight train.

  3. bbbwwwwwahhahhhahhahahahahahah!

    And, I concur about the post! L