Monday, December 29, 2008

i really hate to ask...

...and i won't make a habit of it...but has anyone had experience potty training a girl who just can't physically get the tinkle in the toilet?  sophie can tell me when she needs to go, can get up on the potty, and then goes but it NEVER ends up in the toilet--it arcs out and goes everywhere.  it's even worse than it was with gus.  i've tried to get her to stare at the water so she is leaning over more...too much information, i know.

any thoughts?!

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  1. okay i CLEARLY had a lot of blog to catch up on today missy, and find myself chuckling and sighing, and laughing at rich's car ride, and hoping that things will look up without too many new bumps...and i trust, truly that you've already resolved this...i have this half-baked memory or notion of sitting face first on the toilet....hmmm.