Sunday, December 7, 2008

locks of love, baby!

me, sans 10" of hair

it's official: locks of love now has at least 30" of gaido girl hair. it started with lindsay, who donated about this time last year, then continued with ashley, who donated sometime this summer, and now me--i donated yesterday. and i'm not even all that freaked out about it (although rich, gus and sophie were)--i mean, if all i have to do is grow hair to possibly make someone who can't feel better, then my god sign me up. so now for the first time in like 30+ years my hair is really short. shorter than gus'. the only weird thing about it is that the back of my neck feels cold...sounds like an opportunity to learn how to knit!





  1. I got the same haircut!!! I love it! I did TWO years ago, though. Take lots of vitamins to expedite the growth.

    You look beautiful!

    xoxo, L

  2. cute hair! I donated about 12" 3 years ago...which puts us at 42". Maybe between the 4 of us and Gus, we can make it 100" by 2010.