Saturday, December 27, 2008

it's been a fun week

if i had actually sent them, this would have gone out with this year's christmas cards...sound familiar?

so many fun things going on this week! christmas, christmas eve luminarias, our 15th anniversary, pretty sunsets, stuffed animal attacks by paco...all kinds of good stuff. i still haven't quite made it through all the christmas day pictures but i am making progress on other recent ones. enjoy!

luminarias/farolitos (depends on which part of new mexico you live in) leading to the front door

luminarias lining our street

what's wrong with this picture?

outdoor christmas tree! i could totally get into this tradition.

(the tree being outside did not sit well with gus, ever)

but he did get first snow cake!

when dogs bite they frequently go for the orbit (on human and animal alike...)

...stupid paco tore up the lacrimal system (rich can fix it)

beautiful sunset for our 15th anniversary!

gus' last day of school, before winter break--this is his bird project on whooping cranes, and he didn't want his sister standing in front of my poster has hands and a little red coat.

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  1. this cracks me up. it reminds me of how mckenzie used to go pose in front of anela's art work whenever they had a show at school and have me take a picture. he looks VERY accomplished for his age!