Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it bites to get rejected

astrid, 2006

i'm having a little pity party here. i really wanted to be in this group show, curated by my friend melanie, but my work didn't make the cut (in her defense, it is difficult to curate a show and maintain the specific "look" that you are going for without letting emotions cloud the aesthetics). the topic was "the dress" and i thought this would be a good contribution to the exhibition, mainly because sophie looks so surreal and doll-like, but it was rejected, damnit. so i'm exhibiting it here instead. i'm not a hot shot either, but in light of what was chosen i'm not surprised by that. i foresee a very rough year for photography...


  1. I'm glad I got to see this picture! fantastic.

  2. thank you for indulging my pity party! i liked this shot, too--it is kinda all dress...and so PURPLE! oh well--next time...