Saturday, January 24, 2009

my neighbor's girlfriend is so screwed

i've never been exactly sure just what is going on at my neighbor's house. to be perfectly honest, everyone over there kind of scares me so i just steer clear of them. their house is on the corner of our street and has a huge circle drive in front that is perpetually filled with ever-changing exotic cars, but one visits on a regular basis: a silver saturn sky driven by his much, much younger girlfriend.

this morning rich got up early to take gus to cello. when they got back, around 9:30, they were both asking me if i had seen the car next door yet; i hadn't. apparently girlfriend spent the night and at some point overnight someone came and spray painted in 2-foot high orange letters "DOES HE EVEN KNOW ABOUT ME?" all the way around that lovely silver saturn sky.

oh my.

(i initially withstood the urge to run out and take pictures of it--would that be the action of a bad neighbor? but then they moved it into the garage by the time i worked up the nerve to do so...damnit.)