Tuesday, January 20, 2009


what a tremendous day. we witnessed the peaceful transfer of power from one leader to another and it was brilliant. and i obamamamed beautifully: gus' school wasn't going to watch the inauguration (i have theories about this...such as not wanting to piss off republican donors to the school who might not see today so much as a coming together of all americans, as i and most people saw it, but rather as democratic party indoctrination that, if watched, might force them to withhold that future fat check to the school. in fairness, i found out later the fifth grade watched it and a couple of other teachers here and there had their classes see some of it...but it definitely wasn't celebrated or viewed or discussed otherwise.) so i kept him home this morning. we talked about everything that was happening and, i hope, he learned a bit about government, civil rights, and why today was so important. it was a thrilling and powerful morning of hope here in the triangle.

but as wonderful as obama's words and presence were, they were initially overshadowed by the surreality of dick cheney in a wheelchair:

the story is that he strained his back while moving. why is it that someone whose heart is as weak as an anemic kitten's is lifting boxes? what the hell is he trying to move by himself that couldn't be handled by vetted movers? that in itself is troubling. anyway, of course tom brokaw has already pointed out the obvious yet apt similarity to dr. strangelove:

and others have noted his likeness to mr. lebowski from "the big lebowski":

and, of course, mr. potter from "it's a wonderful life":

however in my mind, nothing beats jon lovitz's reprisal of mr. potter in the SNL "it's a wonderful life" lost ending:

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