Thursday, January 22, 2009

must. break. the. addiction.

i'm embarassed. i am a 40-year old woman reading goddamned vampire novels. i thought i was over it--i truly did--i started reading art historical texts and even a biography of the widow clicquot...but CINDY (a 49-year old woman reading goddamned vampire novels) maliciously and evilly put a copy of "eclipse" in my hands 36 hours ago. i finished it last night.

(heavy sigh.)

so i guess i'm on the hook now for book four ("breaking dawn"), and thankfully it is the finale. i was perfectly happy thinking this was over; i even sought out fan fiction about "twilight," which i have never done before just to give myself some closure in an alternate universe...but no. i got sucked back in. even rich is threatening to read the series, although it is probably more to check on my sanity rather than the compelling storyline...he'll get frustrated after the first book when they don't have sex and give it up, anyway.

if you are interested there really is some wonderful fan fiction out there: "seducing ms. swan" is my favorite one and, amazingly, i think the author is all of 16. but beware as it is a work in'll get just as sucked in here as with the others...

oh my how the mighty have fallen. was i mighty before? i can't remember.

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