Saturday, July 4, 2009

flag food!

happy 4th of july! this year we are taking it easy--i'm doing yardwork; rich is biking with gus and the bunny. last night there were TONS of fireworks going off in our neighborhood (at least i think they were fireworks--this is new mexico so one is never sure) so i'd imagine tonight will be even better. fireworks are legal here, which has always surprised me as we live in the desert...and the desert burns in the summer...but whatever. we've had lots of rain recently and we have our own private well that is chock full o' heavy metalfied water to put out whatever fires may catch.

so...flag food! i was looking for images of old glory to celebrate the 4th and i kept coming across food made to look like an american flag. most of them are cake, which is sweet (oooo, that's bad!), but there were also cookies, dog biscuits and even a toasted tuna sandwich. there was a pizza as well and i have no idea what they used for the blue (it's the last photo); i'm not sure i want to know. there are also a surprising number of undergarments made to cover our most american parts in flaggy goodness.

enjoy your fourth!

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