Monday, July 20, 2009

still too many things going on at once...

sophie as the morton's salt girl

...but, alas, no more incidences of sexual harassment, unless you count the above photo (is that harassment?). we have packed mucho into our last month of living in new mexico (for now) and i am overwhelmed on a daily basis. the packers start a week from tomorrow and northamerican swears our stuff will be in iowa two weeks from today. i can't believe it--even though i have had months to prepare it all seems to be happening too fast now.

anyway, enough of that--on to PICTURES! these are random happenings in the triangle over the past couple of weeks.

ever load your dishwasher then realize you are out of automatic dishwasher detergent and then think, "well, i've got some liquid dishwasher soap--i'll just squirt some in the dispenser"?

this is what happens when thoughts lead to such folly. don't do it.

over this past month, gus has officially started his pre-teen years in earnest:

sk8r boi! gus saved a good amount of money for this board, and he loves it.

just learning how to balance...

...and ride

look at these cool wheels!

he has even figured out how to improve his old toys with the addition of a skateboard

when not in use, the board becomes a shrine to gus' pre-teen awesomeness

4th of july!

fireworks in the backyard and, amazingly, nothing ignited that wasn't supposed to burn

paco checking out the display; sophie is not impressed

we got a little rain in the evening--nothing too serious but just enough to make a lovely rainbow and bring the morton's salt girl out again

no rain, no rainbow...beautiful

gus grabs his trusty board and rushes out to find, once and for all, the end of the rainbow...

...while sophie watches on, realizing that this skateboard thing kinda sucks for her

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