Tuesday, July 21, 2009

more pictures: my birthday!

more belated, random pictures--this time from my birthday, which rich deemed the 12th anniversary of my 29th birthday. he's sweet like that. i had a lovely day with friends and family and lavender and alcohol and cakes by rose. it was glorious. seriously, if every birthday could be like my 41st i would be a very, very lucky and happy woman.

lavender festival at los poblanos, and i look like i am about to eat gus

then rich tried to eat gus later in the day

sweet sophie bunny!

rich and gus throwin' down some sweet moves before my party

three (of five) pretty ladies come to celebrate! (julia, cindy and tammie--missing erika and valerie, and john and doug who aren't ladies...)

rich trying to stand as far away as humanly possible from the flaming cake. uh, thanks...

nothing caught on fire, and the frosting only melted slightly

this was a couple of days earlier at an annual birthday dinner with valerie, who was born less than 48 hours before me--this year we went to la provence and it was phenomenal

same dinner--and note to self: close your mouth when valerie is taking a picture of you...

sophie is always good for a smile...

...but even on my birthday, gus makes sure i know where i am with him

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