Sunday, September 13, 2009

doctor daddy and danger girl

the results from being danger girl...and rich is so not allowed to be with the children unsupervised for a while

i think rich knew he was in trouble. i got a call on my cell phone from rich that was way too calm and way too spartan to be good--it was simply, "sophie fell on the playground. she's bleeding. you have to come pick her up now." i got a similar call about gus four years ago after he crashed going way too fast down a hill on his bike without a shirt on and ripped about a quarter of the skin off his back. he had to take codeine just so he could sleep for about a week or two.

back to today: as i was driving downtown to get them, thinking maybe it wouldn't be that bad...i saw ambulance lights. two sets of them. at first i tried to pretend it must be for someone else, but then reality kicked in and i almost pushed a car parked at a red light in front of me out of the way (with my prius--clearly i was deluded) because i knew they were for sophie. i ran across the ped mall to find a very bloody, very much in shock sophie with 6 EMTs around her. she was running after a friend, tripped, and fell head first into a concrete planter. it was an ugly head wound and it bled copiously. rich, being rich, tried to dissuade the other completely freaked-out parents from calling 911; he felt he assessed the situation, put pressure on the wound, saw sophie was able to walk and wasn't unconscious, so he was going to just get her to the hospital and sew her up...if only all these people would stop bothering him...but 911 came anyway (thankfully).

i picked up sophie, took her to the hospital, and sweet dr. gina let us in to the ophthalmology department. she is a wonderful doctor--very kind, very compassionate, and very good with bleeding patients and semi-panicking mothers. rich and gus met us there and rich took care of the suturing. sophie was a less-than cooperative patient and i am so glad that rich was her doctor or else i am certain she would have been sedated--she was almost uncontrollable. four stitches later, and probably some psychological scars from both of her parents holding her down while one sewed her up, she has a lovely repair. sweet danger girl.

sophie bunny puts on a brave, pretty face

this is not something you ever want to see your husband doing to your child

waiting for the local to do its magic; gus had to leave the room right after this because he almost fainted (dr. gina helped him get a glass of water and find a chair)

big boy returns after it is all over (he's also known as safety gus--the polar opposite of danger girl) and is a little paler then when he left

the prettiest four stitches ever seen

doctor daddy and danger girl


  1. Maybe this post should be called "revenge of the chipmunk"?

  2. "chipmunks." and i think that might be accurate if rich were sewing up paco's head...although i guess sophie did poke it with a stick and kinda disrespect it. hmmm. we may need to burn some smudge sticks or bury some acorns in effigy for that guy.

  3. Someday Sophie will have a great story to tell about father/daughter bonding!! Stitches happen to most of us, but not every little girl has that kind of ammunition to pull out in her teenage years when Dad is getting in the way of her plans!!!!

  4. Last post was from me - forgot I was not on FaceBook and my picture would automatically pop up!!
    Hope Sophie is feeling better!!