Wednesday, September 2, 2009

more new mexico pictures and some other ones, too...

shaved rich!

sorry, sorry, sorry. i know the i'm-not-happy-in-iowa storyline is getting old, but just be glad you only have to READ about it...i have to live it. and for those of you accusing me of being morbid with the dead things in the trash post--welcome to my world! it is iowa and it is hard on little things...when winter comes nature won't discriminate and will be hard on everything. new mexico was hard on little and big things alike at times, too. so there. write your own damn blog and be happy all the time and know that i love you and appreciate your readership...

on to more positive things--pictures!

it seemed like a good idea at the time: sophie, gus and i took a trip on the railrunner to santa fe to meet rich, the result of which was stressed-out gus and crazy busy sophie from start to finish

stressed-out gus; crazy busy sophie

stressed-out gus; crazy busy sophie

rich is too margaritaed to mind

sophie attempting an en bocca della verita move with a lion in santa fe

we caught paco in the backyard flinging this into the air and trying to make it fly; it didn't work

i think it was a tobacco hornworm; sophie is just too grossed out to care what it is

and she got even more grossed out when i picked it up and let it crawl on me

we released it back into the wild, and of course paco found it again

rich built this shed for the guys renting our house--it was a wee bit more challenging that we/he thought, and i'm fairly certain he could have built one from scratch easier than this

aunt lindsay will ALWAYS be cooler than mommy...

this is how i got through that last week--lots of wine and awesome friends and relatives

on the road yet the fuck again...with heavy artillery

we stopped through a tiny sliver of texas on the way to iowa

the highlight of the journey: turpentine creek in eureka springs, arkansas! sophie sees ears...

swimming tigers

relaxed tigers

stripy tigers

my guess is that sophie is trying to figure out how we can take him with us

meet missy, the tiger

turpentine creeked-out girl

sophie on our lovely patio at the crescent hotel in eureka springs--actually, i think eureka springs on the whole was the highlight

wonderful creepy owl monster detail on the fireplace

gus and sophie, in their big big bed

paco and rich in the sitting room

gus, adapting nicely

our glorious little patio

sophie and crescent sculpture

our first sunset in iowa since 2006

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