Tuesday, September 22, 2009

life in the fall, in iowa city...

...revolves around the hawkeyes. through the generosity of our lovely neighbors, marge and dick, rich and i went to the football game on saturday--again i seemed to be the only person there without an iowa shirt on (i need to make a goodwill run). the variety of iowa shirts at the game was astounding--hundreds of variations on the same theme all differing combinations of black and gold. some just say "iowa," some "university of iowa" or "iowa hawkeyes," which also gets shortened to "iowa hawks;" every now and then a shirt would just say "kinnick" and i guess if you didn't get it you probably shouldn't ask (it's the name of the stadium). "i bleed black and gold" and the nike "just do it" with a hawkeye symbol are also representin'. there were a couple of girls in "will cheer for beer" shirts...which was fine, but not great. one very drunk girl (by noon) was walking around the stadium working her "IOWA: i only want alcohol" shirt way too hard and certainly making her momma proud. sadly, it probably wouldn't have bothered me on a guy. isn't there a more creative solution to that acronym? "i only want aces" or "i only want adderall" or "i only want [to make an] A"...something like that? "i only want ass" is probably a parallel to the alcohol one, and the gender isn't specified in that way so it might make for some awkward moments between friends. anyway, my point is i probably need to get a shirt. and the hawkeyes won.

gus and his friend, jack, sold cokes and water outside the stadium and made an absolute mint. this is the second time they have done it and both of them netted $100 each. i think gus is saving up for a new ipod. is it normal for a 9 year-old to have that much money? i'm not so sure. homecoming is the next game and i'm guessing they will be slammed. i do hope the weather holds for them.

pictures of something good next time.

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