Tuesday, August 3, 2010

trip to texas picturepalooza! (part 2)

happy jake, happy gus, happy katie and happy sophie!

welcome to part 2 of the texas picturepalooza! in this episode: we made it through arkansas, into texas, and are at my parent's place in washington hangin' out with their oversized pets (the horses). after that we headed into town (houston), played at lindsay and jake's, ate beignets, experienced the beer can house then put gus on a greyhound to camp. enjoy!

gus petting a flea-bitten grey named magic

sophie and sonny--this horse has made a remarkable transformation from angry, scary, skittish creature that i wouldn't let the kids get near to a confident one that is not only approachable but rideable now...

...and it is all because of this lovely young lady who is helping sophie into her stirrups, kelsey

sophie riding little man

gus doing dressage with scout (and sophie--she ran herself silly chasing the running horse)

a very hot and sweaty pair of iowans in the texas sun

gus and sophie on scout

in houston now...at aunt lindsay's! aunt katie dropped by for a visit and a-bubble blowin'...

...while gus and sophie got to experience what they both consider the greatest invention ever, lindsay's backyard pool...which of course makes her 1000 times better/cooler than mommy...

blissed out happy gus

blissed out floaty sophie

blissed out kiddos with uncle jake and zilla

blissed out lindsay

and the blissfulness carried over into the morning hours when we went for...beignets!

even lindsay, miss "don't-eat-pasta-because-it's-all-just-empty-carbs" ate some beignets :)

and gus made it a two-chocolate-milk affair

before the sugar shock could wear off we thought it best to head to the beer can house for maximum giddiness

sophie slowing down long enough to find some marbles in the driveway

"what comes after 26?" "27." "what comes after 27?" "28." "what comes after 28?" "29. okay sophie, let's stop now." "what comes after 29?" "30. sophie, stop." "what comes after 30?" "31. mom, please ask sophie to stop." "what comes after 31?" "32. MOM!" "what comes after 32? what comes after 32? what comes after 32? GUUUUUSSSS! what comes after 32?!" "33."

sophie having marble sensory overload at the beer can house

i should do this to my driveway.

finally, the big day came for gus to board one of eight greyhounds destined for camp longhorn...and he wasn't at all sure this was a good idea

but he's grimacing convincingly here

uncle jake and lindsay showed up to see him off; sophie has just figured out what is going on and is about to throw a massive tantrum...

but she was temporarily appeased when she thought she could sneak on the bus with gus (gus was temporarily appeased as well). gus sucked it up and stoically headed off to camp; i, however, cried like a baby after the bus pulled out.

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