Friday, August 20, 2010

trip to texas picturepalooza! (part 6)

actually, my eyes are closed, too

4th of july (better late than never...)--sophie and i celebrated the 4th during the day at the chappell hill parade and at the washington-on-the-brazos star of texas museum at night, with a brief visit to some livestock in between. enjoy!

patriotic bunny!

nanno and sophie waiting for the fun to begin

just in case you forgot where you's the BIRTHPLACE OF TEXAS, biyatch!

riders of the storm (it rained a little)

and some of the parade participants were a bit too loud

but the kids were rewarded with candy, so it was okay

happy girl, who is only a little weather beaten

miniature ponies, raised by the sisters of poor clare

they were quite friendly little guys

and just the right size for sophie to pet

all the pretty horses

black dogs! this is five of the pack of six black dogs that seem to be omnipresent around my parent's farm. i know their names are magic, darryl, brave darryl, shy darryl, brown darryl and something else (that, oddly, doesn't include darryl in it), but i have no idea who is who. they travel as a pack so to me they're just all called black dogs.

nanno and sophie

augustus, the longhorn--check out that rack he's grown!

and augustus' mommy, missy, the longhorn, checking out the flowers

sophie bunny in her 4th of july dress

she got some cool glasses for watching the fireworks on top of the star of texas museum

i think they made the exhibits more interesting, too

happy 4th!

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